Voting in America

Yesterday was an election day here. 

I am a commissioner at the polls in a small precinct where there are just over 200 registered voters.  Voting yesterday was on a tax renewal for school maintenance and teacher pay.  We had a minimal turnout of 7 voters!  Yes, that's 7… seven.  2 of those were the poll workers, 2 other voters were our husbands, and 3 were from the general public.  Most amazingly, not even 1 teacher voted and we have at least 3 registered.

It's almost too sad to think about. There was little to no media coverage in our area concerning this election. No posting of signs, no mailers.. nothing. 

My grandmother was a suffragette.  I take my right to vote very seriously and vote as often as possible, trying to make informed decisions when I do.

Doesn't anyone else care though?  Aren't people concerned?  Aren't they making sure their children register to vote?  Well, I can answer that last question and it's pretty much a resounding no.  In the 5 years that I've been working the polls in this area we've had only 2 young adults register when they turned 18. In fact, we have very few registered voters under 40. 

And we can't get anyone interested in working at the polls.  Granted, it's a long day 5:30 am to 8:30 pm. But it's easy work and pays $100-150 for the day – depending on your position.  When I started there were about 8 available workers in our precinct, 2 were very old and have since passed away, 1 moved out of the area, and 3 have just drifted away, leaving only the 2 of us.  We can't even be sick because there is no one to take our places.

If you aren't a registered voter, I encourage you to register soon.  If you possibly can, I encourage you to find out what it takes to become a commissioner in your area and then do it!  It's a great way to make some extra money fairly easily and it's an important job.

America needs you, your community needs you. Please consider making the commitment.  Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers sacrificed a lot to make it possible for women to vote. Please don't let them down.  I'm sure they would hate to know that they'd sacrificed in vain.

At least take your children to register when they turn 18.  Or take them tomorrow if they're already eligible.  After all as the saying goes, "You can't complain if you don't vote"!


Full-time RVing

This is something Big Daddy & I are seriously considering. He wants to retire by the time he's 50 and since we both need plenty of time to get used to new  ideas we are discussing & reading all we can on the subject now.  Or maybe I should say subjectS.. since there are so many things to consider.

The biggest is can we live together full time in a tiny space?  He without a job to keep him busy???  Me with him constantly underfoot!!!  I love the man dearly, but he's always worked offshore – meaning he's away half the time – so I've had lots of time to myself.  In fact, it's been like living on my own 3 days out of each week without having the stress of trying to support myself. 🙂 For those few days I can do what I please when I please in the way in which I please, my only consideration being my dear, darling daughter. Then when he comes home for 3 days it's a honeymoon all over again!  So I wonder how we will survive – if we will survive – living together alone. No child between us, no job between us, and barely any house between us…

I would love to hear from others who are/were full-timers, or who are considering it.  I am reading books, magazines, websites.. but all seem to be in the business of selling the idea and I need real, true, honest opinions.  We spent a few days in Austin last weekend and spoke there with an older couple who are fulltiming, and workamping – another idea we are considering. At least it would give Big Daddy something to do so he wouldn't be underfoot all day.  He could do camp clean-up, hosting, maintenance, and lots more.

One thing he is seriously looking into at the moment is hauling campers for manufacturers and dealers. This is something he can do on his time off from work and he's considering doing it for a year or so. 

 Our house will be paid off in less than 2 years. About the same time our daughter will head off to work or college.  At that time he'd like us to do some part-timing. He'll be able to take more time off work without the worry of the pay he'll loose because we won't have as many obligations.  I think I'll enjoy the part-timing a lot.  It's just a lot of trouble right now to pack the camper and travel for a day or two, only to spend 2 days at our destination, then trek back home again.  So, we find ourselves staying home more than we'd like.  It will be much more fun when we can take off 2 weeks or so at a time. We'll be able to travel farther, stay longer, and practice for our full-timing.

I must admit that even though it might be a challenge the idea of having my husband all to myself is quite intriguing.. .

Hello world!

Ok, so, well… um… here I am world! 

Welcome to Big Mama's House!

Give me a few days and I'll have this all figured out.  Then you won't be able to stop me from sharing my opinions, bragging on my family – friends – pets, griping about work, posting nonsensical things… all the usual!